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School Management System

Simplify the school's administrative process through digitization and automation - use the best School Management Software in the market and experience simplicity and efficiency.

Best School Management Software


State-of-the-art ERP

Equip the school with the best ERP that digitizes & automates time-consuming day-to-day operations, thereby assuring information accuracy, increasing efficiencies, and reducing costs

Effective LMS Solution

Transform the classroom management experience with easier assignment & evaluation of homework and tests, sharing study materials, lesson plan tracking, and more!

Premium Quality Digital Content

Use our Premium Digital Content to make classes interactive, immersive, and engaging.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Teachmint's Integrated School Management Software consists of LMS, ERP, and Digital Content, making school management more efficient with reduction in cost and increase in productivity.

For example, after a student's admission through the Admission Management portal, the information given to the school via the portal is automatically added to the Student Information System.

Government compliance report is another example wherein automated reporting of student information saves significant time and effort.

Greater Student Engagement

Teachmint's LMS is advanced with various features that significantly enhance the classroom experience.
For example, connecting with students who learn at different paces can be challenging. While some students easily understand a concept, the same might only be valid for some.

Similarly, while some students might be good auditory learners, others might find visual aids easier.

This disconnect can be bridged using tools like multimedia Digital Content, multiple types of homework, and different study materials.

An Extra Layer of Parental Involvement

The parents can easily and transparently access information about their child via the school management app on aspects such as attendance patterns, homework and tests (assigned versus attempted), exam results. Parents are also notified of all the activities at the school, including announcements through the Communication Module e.g., Annual Day, PTA meetings, fee due date,etc.

Seamless Staff Management

The school administration can create repository of staff information from joining date till relieving date including all their credentials and supporting documentation. This database enables tracking and analyzing leaves and attendance of the staff.

The admins can monitor all classroom activities including homework allocation by teachers’ and also restrict staff usage of dashboards by limiting their access rights.

Reducing Vendor Dependency

The most significant advantage of unifying the school's information on one platform is that it automates operations and reduces dependency on print vendors.
Using the Student Information System, the software can instantly generate ID cards, certificates, report cards, fee receipts, and even admit cards.These are readily available to print or download as PDF documents to send to the concerned people. This removes dependency on vendors and reduces costs.

Detailed Reports & Analytics

Teachmint helps all stakeholders including teachers, parents, students, track progress at a fundamental level through detailed customizable reports.
These stakeholders get detailed attendance reports, see how many students are above the minimum attendance threshold, and get classroom performance reports.

The administration can automatically create 20+ fee reports based on filters (student-wise, department-wise, class-wise, etc.), significantly reducing the time required to create the reports manually

Remote, touchless, paperless experience

Teachmint's school management system streamlines school operations & boosts the teaching-learning experience. It helps schools communicate effectively with teachers, students & parents outside school hours.

Marketing and Lead Management

Teachmint includes a website builder that helps schools build their brand presence. The in-built CRM enables lead management for the current session and future reference.

Customizable Software

Teachmint is extensively customizable to meet the schools' unique needs e.g., admission criteria, fee structure, discounts etc.

Running a school has administrative challenges. Outsourcing the administrative tasks to the school management system allows focus on student-centric learning, soft skill training, and several other life skill training sessions

Operating a school involves a lot of administrative challenges, from managing student records to overseeing daily operations. To address these problems, many educational institutions are turning to school management systems as a strategic solution. By utilizing a comprehensive school management system to address administrative challenges, schools can redirect their focus towards creating a more student-centric learning environment and fostering holistic development.

One of the primary advantages of leveraging a school management system is the automation of routine administrative tasks. These school management systems efficiently handle tasks such as attendance tracking, grade management, timetable scheduling, etc, reducing the burden on administrative staff. Automation saves time and minimizes the risk of errors, ensuring that crucial student data is accurate and easily accessible.

By offloading administrative responsibilities to a robust school management system, schools can channel their resources towards bettering learning outcomes of students. Student-centric learning becomes a focal point, allowing teachers to tailor their teaching methods to cater to individual student needs. This personalized approach promotes a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Beyond this, adopting school management software also frees up time for schools to focus on initiatives such as the implementation of soft skill training programs. Schools can integrate modules focusing on important skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking. This emphasis on holistic development goes beyond academic achievements as it prepares students for the challenges of the real world. Life skill training sessions can also be seamlessly incorporated into the school’s curriculum through school management software. From financial literacy to time management, students can benefit from practical life skills that contribute to their overall growth and preparedness for the future.

The integration of school management software transforms the day-to-day workings of educational institutions. It streamlines operations and empowers schools to prioritize student-centric learning and holistic development. By embracing technology-driven solutions, schools can navigate administrative challenges more efficiently, ultimately creating an environment that nurtures well-rounded and competent individuals.


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