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Practice Questions

Practice questions for all K-12 institutions aligned with all major educational boards in India! Practice at your own pace with Teachmint.

Best Practice Questions


Practice at Your Own Pace

Practice & learn at your own pace with over 2 million questions from various educational boards in India

Self Assessment

Assess your skills independently and with topic-wise strength assessment & find out where you need to improve

Gamification of Learning

Make the process of learning engaging & interesting by motivating them to practice daily and giving student-personalized profile frames when they achieve streaks. Earn medals based on your performance


Questions from Major Indian Education Boards

Teachmint’s Practice Questions cater to a large number of major education boards in India. This can not only help students prepare better for their exams but also gives them a better understanding of what to expect in their final exams.

Multilevel Self Assessment

One of the best people to learn from is the person themselves. Learning from one’s own faults and follies fosters a sense of responsibility towards their education. Teachmint’s Online Practice Tests enable each individual student to understand their own mistakes and rectify them with each test. Since the Practice Questions enable students to conduct topic-wise strength assessments, it enables them to understand where they are doing well and keep at it as well as where they are going wrong and improve themselves.

Offers Students Space for Self-Paced Learning

Expecting all students to learn and grasp information at the same pace is quite reasonable as different people learn and understand things at a different paces. With Teachmint’s Online Practice Tests combined with our Live Class Recording feature, Homework, and other LMS tools, students are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace until they understand the concept thoroughly. In fact, the students even have the option to raise queries (in case of any) directly with the teacher through the Private Chat feature. This enables students to learn and practice as many times as required and ensures that they understand the concepts being taught thoroughly.

Enables Gamification of Education

Gamification is where the process of education is turned into a competition or challenge, much like a game. It stimulates the learner to put their best foot forward and give it all they have got in order to succeed, just like they would in a game or competition. This is achieved by rewarding students with streaks and medals based on consistency and performance. Teachmint promotes students taking more tests by offering them streaks for every question they attempt. The more consistent they are, the better their streak will be. This encourages students to take responsibility and improve themselves with each practice session

Improve Confidence

There are a lot of students who have confidence issues when it comes to attending an exam. Exceptions aside, such fear can be combated only by confronting it and getting used to it through repeated exposure. The online practice that Teachmint offers enables students to face their fear of exams with greater confidence, enabling them to pursue

As the age-old saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more practice put in, the better will be the students’ understanding of questions that could be asked in exams and the questions that might be asked in exams. Students can use Teachmint’s Practice Questions to sharpen their focus through repetitive practice and improve their confidence in the final exams


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